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Our Services

What We Offer

  • 40 years of experience with restaurant purchasing

  • 14 years of customized distribution and logistics experience

  • Lowered product cost through consolidation and industry knowledge

  • Customized distribution solutions to solve any and all distribution problems in the food-service

  • Purchasing consolidation to meet vendor minimums

  • Customized supply chain solutions

  • Access to expert packaging design & proprietary packaging brokerage

Scope of Work

  • Define inventory consolidation program

  • Analyze frozen, refrigerated and dry goods for potential consolidation within the scope of the

  • Create a priority list of consolidation goods

  • Create a second or third phase of the consolidation program

  • Continue to analyze remaining items

  • Redefine the consolidation program to achieve more cost savings by consolidating in other areas

  • Continually repeat the process

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